I teach syntax, as well as topics in morphology, semantics/pragmatics, and argument structure; typology; variation in English dialects; and topics in Chinese linguistics.

Current teaching

  • Linguist 4LC3/COGSCIL 6LC3 Advanced Syntax and its Interfaces

  • Linguist 2SY3 Syntax

Other teaching, McMaster

  • Linguist 4LX3 Structure of X (Structure of Chinese)

  • Linguist 1Z03 Structure of English

Previous teaching, Georgetown

  • Ling 736 Topics in Morphosyntax: Nominalizations (with Ruth Kramer)

  • Ling 725 Topics in the Syntax-Semantics Interface: Verb Meaning and Event Structure

  • Ling 521/721 The Syntax and Semantics of Verbs (with Paul Portner)

  • ICOS 710 Core Course in Cognitive Science and ICOS 712 Cognitive Science seminar (with Elissa Newport)

  • Ling 528 Generative Syntax II

  • Ling 428 Argument Structure

  • Ling 427 Generative Syntax I

  • Ling 421 Morphology

  • Ling 224 Grammatical Analysis

  • Ling 202 Research-based Undergraduate Linguistics Experience (RULE)

  • Ling 001 Introduction to Language and Linguistics

Previous teaching, UPenn

  • Ling 653 Topics in the Syntax-Semantics Interface: Causation

  • Ling 653 Topics in the Syntax-Semantics Interface: Building and Interpreting Event Structure

  • Ling 650 Topics in Natural Language Syntax: Syntactic variation

  • Ling 406 Argument Structure

  • Ling 245 Patterns in Language

  • Ling 242 Construct a Language

  • Ling 145 Language in China

  • Ling 056 Language in Context: East meets West

  • Ling 054 Bilingualism in History